Great things can happen when you sacrifice a cigarette

We know how hard it is to quit smoking. So to ease the pressure, try picking just one cigarette you know you can do without and replace it with Nicotinell® gum or lozenges. This one small act can easily lead to a good thing.

Which might lead to another good thing. And another. And another. Until you’re walking on the moon, saving an endangered species or launching a range of action figures.

Stop smoking one cigarette at a time

Even if you’re not ready to stop, cutting down can still help you feel healthier and save money. Avoiding the places where you usually smoke, taking up a new hobby or keeping a diary that tracks how much money you’ve saved can help make quitting easier. Breaking your usual smoking routines will also help. For example, if you usually have a cigarette first thing in the morning, go out for a quick walk instead.

Why cutting down with Nicotinell® could work for you

  • Get used to not smoking gradually
  • Cut down at your own pace
  • Help make withdrawal symptoms less intense
  • You can double your chances of quitting*
*versus willpower alone

Reduce smoking in 5 easy steps

Giving up a cigarette at a time is a method that works for many people. You can choose how quickly or slowly you want to quit smoking.


Set your goal

Decide how many cigarettes you’d like to replace with Nicotinell® each day. Start with the ones you’ll find the easiest to give up. Eventually, you should be able to find more and more occasions to have Nicotinell® instead of a cigarette.


Choose a date to start

Start cutting down and using the recommended dose of Nicotinell® gum. Simply follow the program and stay focused on your goal.


Cut down on your smoking

Gradually replace each cigarette with Nicotinell®. Then pick a date that you would like to be smoke-free by (between 6 weeks and 6 months from the time you start). Remember, don’t feel stressed or put too much pressure on yourself. Just take it at your own pace and choose a time you feel is realistic.


Stop smoking cigarettes

When you feel ready, you can stop smoking cigarettes completely. Choose a date that suits you, and make sure you’re prepared to withstand the urge to smoke. Remember, Nicotinell® is there to keep helping you out.


Stop using nicotine replacement aids

Steadily reduce your Nicotinell® intake so you can stop using it completely within 12 months. Then you’ll be all done.


Nicotinell® Gum

Nicotinell® gum is available in four flavours and two strengths. Our newest flavour is icemint.

Things that cheer you up when you're cutting down

  • Maintain your focus – start by cutting out the cigarette you’ll miss the least!
  • Set a goal and a partial goal. Focus on the goal that is closest.
  • Reward yourself with something you like when you reach your goal.
  • Find something beneficial or fun to start doing when you cut down on your smoking.
  • You can still have fun. Plan to do something that you can look forward to.
  • Have you slipped? Don’t worry. You are not alone in hitting obstacles. Stick to your goal and keep fighting.