How to stop smoking

Millions of people successfully quit smoking every year. You can be one of them. Here’s some information on how to stop smoking from Nicotinell that may help.

Preparing your quit

Form a quit-smoking support group

Here are some potential team members to get onboard to help you quit.

How to stop smoking at home

Home is supposed to be a place of comfort, not a place of challenge.

How to stop smoking in cars

Here’s a fact about smoking – smoking while driving increases the risk of car accidents.

Starting your quit

What to eat when quitting smoking

Fight cigarette cravings and keep the weight off with these healthy food options.

Stopping smoking before bed

Avoid smoking at the end of a long the day, when cravings hit hard.

What happens when you stop smoking

Having a strong emotional reaction to not smoking? You’re not alone.

Succeeding at Quitting

How to get your partner to help you give up smoking

When someone close to you smokes, it gets that much harder to quit. There are strategies that help.

How to successfully quit smoking

Whether it’s running a marathon, starting a business or quitting smoking, there are proven strategies.

Do’s and don’ts for smoking slips

Having a slip-up doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Try these tips to keep your slip-up just a slip-up.